John W. Edwards III

Pastor ~ Teacher ~ Follower of Jesus Christ

Bro. John is an expository preacher-teacher who speaks directly from God’s Holy Word in three measures: 1) What does God say?  2) What does God mean by what He says?  3) How do I apply what God says to my life?  To live godly lives we must believe in what God says, know what God means when He says it and rely on His Holy Spirit to guide us through His Word in living His way.

Bro. John has written two Christian books available on Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Nobles, and other on-line book stores.

“2012 Global Warning” is about our life choices if faith, family, friends and the world of commentary that wants to govern how we live and believe.

2012 Global Warning coverThe Sword and Shield cover

“The Sword & Shield, Today’s Christian Crusader” is about our learning, living and serving a life that honors God.  How do we dedicate our lives to Christ in a world that is trying in desperate measures to remove Him? How do I live faithfully, fully and fruitfully today while on my way to my heavenly home?

We welcome you to come, listen and learn to this ministries teachings.  It’s the truth and it is only the truth that sets us free.  ><> Philippians 1:8-11

2016 Happy New Year

FBC Harold front

We apologize for our site error that caused our web page to be wiped clean of its history, but today marks a new day that God has given us to contend the faith in sharing the gospel, no matter the obstacle or restraint.

First Baptist Church of Harold is a medium size church ministry as compared to others, part of the Santa Rosa Baptist Association and is well known for our close family of faithful believers that serve our Lord with all we have.  The Lord blessed us in 2015 with substantial growth and we leave 2016 in His hands to add to His church as is in His will.

Our pastor is John W. Edwards III and has served us as pastor since January 2015.  He is a published author of 2 Christian books available on most on-line bookstores and were highlighted in May 2015 Goodreads.  Bro. John has published several Bible commentaries and he is an expository preacher-teacher from the NKJV Holy Bible.  Bro. John is married to Cynthia, and has one daughter Gillian with 2 daughters, Makenzie and Aubrey.

Here are our hours of service and please check out our Facebook page where most of our family pictures and service updates are posted.

Sunday Bible Study Groups – 9:45am

Sunday Praise & Worship Service – 11:00am

Sunday Evening Service – 5:30pm

Wednesday Evening Service – 6:30pm